Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thesis Walk Cycle Tests

So, last week I was fooling around with some walk cycle tests. I am heading up animation and character development on one of the thesis films I'm working on next year and wanted to get a head start at figuring out these characters. There are three main characters although it's basically about one guy Gabe:

He's a nervous fellow and it is his first day on the job.

Then there is his boss Harold:

He is a bit of a wash up who once had a promising career that never got past middle management. It's his job to train Gabe, but he's a bit distant.

And It is Gabe's job to make sure that Dan doesn't die:

Dan is a construction worker in the 1930's and sort of gentle giant kind of guy. Loveable and happy, but a bit clumsy- sort of like he's not fully aware of how big he really is.

I have a ways to go before I've actually figured them out, but these are just my first cracks at it.

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