Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh wait, I'm working on another thesis film too

So it hit me today, I have been doing a bunch of short pencil tests for the 2d thesis film I'm working on but haven't posted them yet. This film is an underdog story of a group of kids playing tug of war while we go into each one's imagination. The various imaginary obstacles they confront are an octopus, a lava monster, and ghosts.

My official role on this film is an assistant animator. While the story is still in development, layouts are being done, etc, I am doing these little tests, exploring different things and figuring out how these designs might actually be moving.

This was the first test I did. It was done in Photoshop:

Then I took some time when I wasn't working in the lab to do some tests on paper and did one of the octopus (there are some bad frames in the middle where I was trying to do quick corrections but had the pages in scanning order, not animating order and was all sorts of confused):

And then I did a test of the lava monster:

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