Saturday, January 23, 2010

Starting Polish

We've all finished our blocking and the edits have been tightened up so progress is coming along well. We're a touch behind schedule, but the good thing is that it's a schedule that would put us way ahead, so in reality we're probably doing just fine.

Here's the work reel in its current state. Things will still be organically plussing at each stage, so there are some tweaks that'll happen between here and final polished animation.

No Strings Attached - Work Reel from Group of Six on Vimeo.

Speaking of polished animation, I just finished up polishing one of my mini sequences. Polish is a kind of scary stage for me because now everything starts to get real. The fun time of posing and working out acting is mostly over and now it's a matter of keeping all that in mind while I obsessively track arcs and spacing on everything. It's still fun, but a different kind of fun.

This is the section where Gabe just saved Dan and thinks everything is cool for a minute, Dan steps on a plank of wood and Gabe looks to his book for help.

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  1. the sound got way off on the work reel. Your polish is looking sweet though.