Saturday, August 7, 2010


So, a friend of mine made a post about some peculiar things she saw people doing on her daily commute. I have been doing something similar for a while now in a little book of mine and thought I might share some of the things I've seen.

When one of my art professors was lecturing about watercolor, something he knows very well, he didn't blink much when trying to recall information. He'd only blink if he'd catch himself saying something he'd retract, like when he'd say an opinion as if it were a rule. Instead of blinking when thinking about something, his lower left cheek muscle would twitch.

A guy was on a computer waiting for a DVD to load up and he was fiddling with a banana he had with him.

A young guy was reading stuff to himself on the internet, but he was highlighting each sentence as he read it.

A really cute cheerleader-type girl offered her hand for a handshake, but instead of holding it like anyone else, she kind of offered her wrist while her hand went limp with her palm to the floor.

A guy was riding his bike with headphones on, but instead of tucking the cord under his shirt or something, he just held the cord in his mouth.

A twenty-something guy just picked up smoking. He kept fidgeting with the cigarette. He would hold it between the two joints nearest his knuckles too which gave him a burn scar. He kept passing the cigarette back and forth from hand to hand. Sometimes he'd hold it like most people do when smoking, but would get real self conscious or something and after taking a drag he'd return it to near his knuckles.

A guy was talking on the phone while walking. Both of his hands were free, but he was cradling the tiny cell phone in his shoulder anyway.

A guy was taking a nap in the shade of his(maybe someone else's) motorcycle in the middle of a parking lot.

A bunch of twenty-somethings were sitting around in the grass and everyone was absentmindedly ripping up the grass.

A little dog was barking in a window, but the timing of the barks was really intriguing. In an abstract way the barks came out kind of like a bouncing ball. It would do a bunch of small barks followed by a long bark that would cause it to lift it's head real high. Each time it did a long bark it would hold it for a long time, like hang time on a bouncing ball, then do a bunch of smaller barks like the residual bounces after a big bounce. A couple times the dog would do a long bark with a small bark right after while it's head was still way up. It was kind of like hitting a key pose then accenting it before transitioning to the next pose.

George Clooney had a really smarmy smile where the corner of his mouth went down, but it twisted enough to still be a sort of smile

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  1. Love this john!! Keeping notes on people's behavior (and dialogue) is something writers do too. And probably actors too, I think. I guess an animator does a lot of the same things that actors and writers do. But at any rate, these are really itneresting to read.