Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the last of La Mancha

After showing my last pass to people the general sense was that while my animation moved nicely, the ideas weren't as clear. Since I wanted this in my reel, I did what I could to clear things up or at least further tighten the animation. I gave a bit more of a beat before Sancho looked up as to not rush that moment. I toned down a lot of his distracting arm movement and tried to make his look away from Don a bit more specific and not as long before he looks back. I then more or less redid the medium shot on Don, trying to get a bit more stylized and not as spliney as it was before. The last shot gave me a lot of agony and I sadly ended up having to come to terms with the fact that it would be better for me to move onto a new piece because the changes I wanted to make (Don falling off the horse, Sancho dealing with his conflicting emotions of devotion to Don but frustration with the series of failures) were starting to make the shot even longer and it'd be better to just be more focused and clear with my ideas on my next project. I still rather like what I've accomplished with this piece and am excited to take what I've learned here to my next project!

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