Sunday, August 26, 2012

wolf wolf wolf wolf

Still pretty generic I guess, but I'm learning quite a lot about the differences in quadruped gaits. Next I'm gonna try and tackle a run, wish me luck.

If you've been around me in the past couple days I've probably gone on about how in a walk, there's a point where both legs on one side are off the ground. Something I wasn't terribly familiar with before having never really animated a quadruped. It was interesting to then go to the old Preston Blair animation guide to check his take on walks (which confirmed, yes, there is a point where both legs on one side are off the ground).

I  hadn't looked at his book since school, where they sorta taught us from this, but then told us it was all too extreme and cartoony and to not really use it much. What I found interesting was yes, don't copy these poses or you're gonna get some super wacky cartoon motion, which, nothing wrong with that, it just might be misleading if you don't also study the same motion from life. What's so great about his book I now realize is that these poses are like concentrate juice. They are so cartoony because they are also so clear as to what is the point of that pose and what is going on mechanically.

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