Thursday, July 11, 2013


So, after a good review of my blocking plus, I was nervous to not lose that when I moved into spline. But blocking down to 2s just doesn't make sense to my brain and would be a waste of time/effort for me. I wanted to retain the feeling of my blocking but had some mechanics to clean up and stuff to still push, it's never ending.

My first step was to use the ackTimingFramework by Aaron Korsel. That stamped down a key on everything that was keyed on every frame there was a key. That ensured that the poses I had in my blocking would be literally retained and any accidental not keyed controller wouldn't be an issue.

From there, I did a buffer curve snapshot. That lets me know when I go into spline what my intentions were in blocking with a curve so I can clearly see the basic areas I should stay within. And for the parts where I might be trying something different or whatever, I also had Aaron's bufferCurve script handy to push/pull or even snap selected values back to that buffer. I can't stress enough how helpful having that buffer curve is as a guide when splining.

My notes from this in class were pretty nice. Just adjusting a few things here and there, taking out some bits for clarity, smoothing out other bits. The biggest thing I have to do now is redo the ending. I went with him not like taking a beat to hear the last offscreen voice, but that just wasn't working. So now I need to leave him over in that pose he hits at "Everything" do a head/eye turn to the other guy, then when he starts to say '46 apples tall' that's where I'll have him move up into his prideful pose and take the apple bite almost in one motion. As opposed to move, hit pose, speak, bite apple, pose, it'll be more like listen, move while speaking, bite apple while hitting pose.

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