Friday, May 2, 2014

The Real Problem Is...

I just can't seem to scrap together the time for portfolio pieces for some time now. This should have been  done while my creative juices were flowing from my AnimSquad class. The good news is, I am planning on taking another AnimSquad class, the bad news is, it won't be until the Fall... Until then though I have myself quite busy. Between my personal super hero project, helping a friend with some cg modeling/rigging/animating for a cartoon pitch, and a recent short film I was recently lucky enough to get on called The Ottoman ( All of them are great projects, and I really hope I can get my act together to be able to split my time between everything.

I think I'm at the point I need to move on from my bank robber shot. I got some really positive feedback from a recent gathering of the LA Character Animators meetup. If you're in the area and haven't heard of it, you should look into it. It's an amazing community for keeping sharp and working on things. So here is where my shot is at:

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