Friday, June 19, 2009

Work In Progress

I just finished up an actual animation job doing animation for this laser light show that goes on here in Rochester. A lot of my friends from school and I have worked on it. If you are in the area this summer and are interested in checking it out, it'll be playing (for free) every Thursday through Sunday at 10 in the High Falls area of Rochester. I got a couple short sequences of Nathaniel Rochester and George Eastman, but I also did a couple shots for Frederick Douglass and got to animate Cab Calloway doing his boogie, which was awesome.

Now that that's done, I have a few shots stirring around in my head that I think would be fun to work on. Right now I'm working on blocking out what would be the perfect morning for me. Being out on a balcony in the morning, drinking coffee. I'm trying out a new rig this time, his name is Goon. He looks similar to the one I usually use, Norman, but there are some different things that his rig offers and he's fairly simple and easy to work with.

First off, I have been trying to do a fair amount of exploration before I start setting keys in 3d.
Here are my initial sketches for the shot:

Then I hopped into Flash to quickly work out a few things for the walk:

Here's the first pose test with really rough timing for the shot:

I'll be sure to keep posting updates as this shot progresses.

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