Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hand Drawing!

I've been able to get going a bit better on the hand drawn thesis film. It's an entirely different situation from the cg film because I don't have creative control over the action so much and I'm try to stay close to what the key animator has laid out in terms of timing because, frankly it's her film. There's still some room for creativity in terms of getting from each pose and I get to think more clearly about timing and spacing because the mess of splines in cg isn't there. I do often wish it were easier to tweak or make changes though because that's something I've come to love about cg animation. You can tweak and adjust things and test ideas out fairly quickly. That becomes a bit of a pitfall at times because I could spend a lot of time noodling a shot.

I've been playing around with teaching myself some Toon Boom since that's how we plan on coloring the film. I tested some coloring in the first shot to get my feet wet but it's a rather long complicated shot, so I did a more full-on color test on the last one there with Ben getting his sticker. I didn't choose the colors terribly carefully and I think we're going to need to overlay the lines on top of all this because the lines didn't exactly come out on top all the time or dark enough and also note that the background is a temp one that the illustrator did and doesn't have the linework on it either.

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