Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Johnny Dangerously. . . I'm doing a lip sync test to add to my reel before I send it out. I realized that I've cut out the lip sync pieces I had and that my thesis didn't really give me a chance to show my lip sync skills, so here I am.

Johnny Dangerously is a young cocky cowboy who doesn't know what an adverb is. Here we see him unsuccessfully trying to hit on a woman(off screen).

I don't have my thumbnails scanned yet, but here's the first blocking pass:

Blocking Plus:

New Blocking Plus:
In an effort to do the best I can, I've gone to a lot of people for feedback and from that I went back to square one. I've now actually added in the woman and decided to do lip sync for both of them. Since it's the same rig and model for both characters, it will be a fun challenge to make them feel like completely different people.

04-03: I just started on polish. I'm polishing it in pieces, and you'll notice when it gets to the point where I stopped. I haven't polished the face yet and the lip sync that's in there is definitely in progress.

PS: I'll be updating this one post to consolidate things.

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