Friday, April 16, 2010

No Rest for the Wicked

I just finished up putting all my eggs in one basket and sending it all neatly wrapped up to the big studios. I was planning on taking it easy for a few days, give myself a break and all, but I got a few responses right away. Two no's and a maybe. The no's were from some real long shots anyway, but the maybe came from none other than Insomniac Games. They sent me an animation test to do in one weeks time. It's four fairly short cycles, but I want them to be as polished as I can make them in that time.

So, until then, here's my new demo reel!

Animation Demo Reel from John Fielding on Vimeo.


  1. Wow, your film sequences are awesome! Do you have it online anywhere?

  2. Thanks! We haven't put the whole film up yet because we have hopes for some sort of festival circuit. But you can check out the production blog that has a trailer: