Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cloven hooves and lost time

Oh hey there! It's been a while don't ya know. I have been consumed by work, life, and other excuses. If anyone's told you it's hard to do personal work when you have a regular 9-5 in this industry, they're so right. Especially since a regular 9-5 in this industry is actually more like a 9-7 plus commute, plus thinking about your work even when you go home. A quick recap of my professional life is that I got a job doing rotoscoping in LA, moved out here, then did some work matchmoving, then ended up landing my awesome current job as a junior previs artist for The Third Floor. Anywho, I have been toiling on this shot for way too long now and with my holiday break coming to a close tonight  I thought I should do my best to finish it up. Like any art, it's not "finished", but I think it's pretty close. Hopefully there's just a few more minor tweaks then adding in some hand animated smoke effects. One thing this job has taught me is that you can do some neat little "video game" cheats and get a decent look out of playblasts, which is awesome for me because actually lighting, rendering, shading, is not really what I want to spend hours upon hours doing. Also there's always one or two frames I want to change and not having to rerender and composite it all again, woof, that'd be nice.

Enough jabber, here's that old interrogation scene I've been working on for forever

On a bright note, I think with my work as a previs artist, having to do a lot of rough animation really quickly with fixes and everything,  I'm getting better and faster, so hopefully my next shot won't take as long. It's already affected my composition and thinking about staging (as you can tell if you look at my first pass at this shot).


  1. Looking good! My only problem with it is that in the reverse angle, the guy lighting his cigarette is grabbing attention and I'm not sure where you want me to be looking. Maybe some depth of field action would help, or more movement from one of the characters.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It is always nice to hear that people actually like my work. Thanks.
    Also, it is nice to hear that you have a job doing what you love. Keep it up!