Monday, January 24, 2011

About darn time!

So, after a few more notes from some mentor friends of mine that I think really helped it out and I feel I'm finally ready to call this done and move on. If practice make perfect, I need to get on with more practice and stop wallowing in old projects. I have some stuff in the works that I'm pretty excited to get started on and ultimately be able to share with y'all!

Until then, I leave you with "Devil".

Also, I just updated my reel with this and some better selections of my past work:

01. Lunch Breaks: [May 2010]
Character animation for a short film. I was the Lead Animator for the project and developed the characters' personalities and movement styles in addition to animating a third of the film. This shot was my introduction to the main Character, Gabe.
Maya 2010

02. Devil: [January 2011]
Exercise focusing on lip sync and simple, more restrained performances.
Maya 2010

03. Lunch Breaks: [May 2010]
Decision time for Gabe.
Maya 2010

04. Dangerously: [April 2010]
Exercise focusing on lip sync and performance.
Maya 2010

05. Lunch Breaks: [May 2010]
Gabe stokes himself up.
Maya 2010

06. Lunch Breaks: [May 2010]
Dan steps on a plank.
Maya 2010

07. Lunch Breaks: [May 2010]
Harold Consoles Gabe.
Maya 2010

08. Lunch Breaks: [May 2010]
Dan gets nailed by an I-beam.
Maya 2010

09. Lunch Breaks: [May 2010]
Things are looking up for Gabe.
Maya 2010

10. Rocket Board: [April 2009]
Animation test to an audio clip from the 11 Second Club. My focus was on caricatured movement and posing. Maya 2010

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