Thursday, March 24, 2011

creatureFight: roughing part 01

I'm going to try and update my progress every night-ish. The last few nights were spent fixing up the 180 break and getting some critiques, but more importantly, studying. On recommendation from a friend I found some great clips from Fantasia's Rite of Spring section and the fight between Little Foot's Mom and the Sharptooth in The Land Before Time (the first one because that's the only one that matters anyway). I also checked out a lot of footage of rhinos, hippos, and elephants to get an idea of how they move. Apparently there are a lot of videos out there of those animals fighting too, which was interesting to study as well.

I just finished a rough pass on the first shot. Everything is linear tangents. I'm going to do a similar pass on the other shots in the coming days, getting them to a rough, linear tangent phase, then it's on to splines and polish! Oh, and I took out the camera shake and stuff so you can see the animation better for any critiquing.


  1. wasn't there more at the end where the gorilla thing is tackled and he heaves on the floor? I wanna see you animate that part!

    His gait is very monkey-like, so if you were going for that, cool! I'm guessing you probably wanted him to be the "springier" of the two? Maybe you could exaggerate the difference in their motions more by making the gorilla (I'm just going to assume it's a gorilla) spring onto the slow moving metal creature from further away.. And not make the metal creature rise until the gorilla's actually on top of him, you know? Cause right now, they both sort of rise and clash at the same time, and the white thing just looks like it's the kind of creature that'd stomp and grunt before it unleashes itself on him.

    Also, just a thought- maybe make the gorilla feel a little heavier, still keeping the gait? Idk if it's the quick walk he does that makes it feel a little light, or if he needs more up and down movement during the walk and more time on the downs.

    Either way, I'm excited to see this finished!!

  2. Hahah, true, it does end with him heaving onto the ground with a broken leg. That's a mistake on my part. I'm trying to use Premier to do my editing now since AE is a pain in the ass to do editing in, so I must have replaced the wrong files.

    Awesome critique. I really like the idea of having the gorilla monster jump farther and maybe not making it such a perfect meeting in the middle sort of thing. I definitely do need to push and work out the weight as I go into the next stages of roughing it out. Unfortunately, I kind of want to re-rig the white monster because he's really hard to control, at least in the ways I'd like to. It's a sweet rig for sure, but for some reason the shoulders and the upper body controls don't actually work together, and the shoulder controllers don't actually rotate...It's been making it tough to work out and feel like everything's connected.