Sunday, March 20, 2011

creatureFight: blocking

I want to work on physicality and timing, so I thought why not make two giant monsters fight? So much fun. It's funny how my work as a Previs Artist instantly came into play here with my camera work and composition. Doing at least some nice framing makes a huge difference on your work, plus it's fun!

I just finished a first pass at blocking it out. Hopefully I have most of the timing and physics worked out such that it just becomes a nice, easy process of refining(ha!). Let me know what you think. Input now is much easier to implement than down the spline.

My apologies, youtube really chewed up the beginning of it with compression, but it's just a hold on the environment for a beat before the first monster falls into frame, so you're not missing much.

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  1. from what little I could see of the first shot, it seemed like the monster was facing in the wrong direction from the next shot.

    Also, the tail swipe seemed odd. I guess it seemed like the tail moved really fast without much movement of the body. And I was surprised it could reach the other monster at all.

  2. yeah. it looks like the tail comes in front of the metal monster, which seems unrealistic. maybe its just the angle...

    whatever. its looking pretty awesome otherwise! that rig is kick ass btw. where'd you get it?

  3. hmmmm...I guess I did sorta break the 180 rule from the first to the second shot. Maybe I can swing the camera so that his back isn't falling at you and it'll cut better.

    The tail swipe is also something that is going to need more attention as I progress. I will be careful to work out the physics on the body as he goes up and slams down. Without inbetweeens, it seems like it comes down impossibly, but hopefully a nice breakdown will clear up that arc. The reason it looks like it might not reach him might be coming from it being a 21mm lens. Again, hopefully some splineage will clear that up.

    The rigs are Tiny and Khanklesaur, both from this sweet website:

  4. It's looking good. I agree with the 180. A couple other things I see is that the brown monster in the air seems like he would be clawing at the white monster while he's up in the air. He seems to kind of die there.

    Also the white monster tail swing seems compartmentalized, meaning for as big and thick as his tail is, I feel he would need to incorporate more of his body movement to start the momentum of the tail swing.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.