Monday, January 6, 2014

It's been a while

Just posting an update. I've been busy with stuff. Most of my spare time these days has been spent working on a big project with my buddies. We don't have a final title for it yet and are still just gearing up making tons of rigs and figuring out our pipeline and look and all that fun stuff. I do have a few tests I can share with you. The first is a sheet with the 3 characters we've managed to make. There's a huge list of guys to make, but rigging and texturing takes sooo long, haha. But to get a sense, we don't care about marvel vs. DC vs. whatever. It's more like we're playing with a toybox of action figures so all bets are off. The plan is to do a bunch of fun little skits. All visual gaggery and cartooniness.
I did a quick test shot to start working out the pipeline. The rendering style is mostly figured out, just one little tweak I have planned. I am really excited by the way that the toon shader works with motion blur creating an almost dry brush look. The biggest thing for the animation here is for us to push our abilities with stylized animation. Trying to get a nice cartoony look we describe as 'al dente' not quite floppy noodley, but not quite super stiff. The music is unmixed and is missing a baseline track that is planned, but should give you a good feel for the style we're aiming toward.

And this is a fun little test for my beach skit that I'm doing next. For context, Thor is helping Aquaman with his sand castle and accidentally explodes the sandcastle all over Aquaman and makes an awkward exit.

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